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Pac-Man Turns 30. And the number of bugs jumps considerably

So, Pac-Man turned 30 today. While I’m not quite that old, I do remember playing Pac-Man on library computers roughly 12 years ago. As Google so often does, it changed it’s logo to a Pac-Man stylized Google. As Google has never done before, they turned the “doodle” into a playable one. So, when you go to the Google homepage, you are greeted by Pac-Man sounds, sirens, and flashing colors, with a little mac-man (or Mrs. Pac-Man if you find the secret button) controllable with your keyboard. Quite fun and nostalgic. And soon enough, quite irritating.

It has also apparently attracted the attention of quite a few bug reporters on bugzilla. Kudos to the support guys for putting up an article so quickly to address this.

What surprised me is the sheer number of people who have no idea where the sounds are coming from, yet instantly identify them as “Pac-Man”. Congrats Namco for creating possibly the most universal sound in the computing world. Not even the AIM closing door sound is as recognized.


Closing CLOSEME Bugs

Currently, in the Firefox product, we have roughly 540 bugs that are ready for closure. These are bugs that have not had any activity from their reporter for sometime, and have been marked as closeme by Triage. While each triage member has slightly different processes for closing old bugs, my process is usually as follows:

  1. After a bug has been unattended for a significant amount of time (2 months or more), and at least one effort by a triage member has been made to request more information from the reporter, I will place a simple comment asking the reporter to test with the latest version of Firefox in a fresh profile. I will also place the following text in the bug’s whiteboard: “[CLOSEME YYYY-MM-DD]”, with the date set roughly 3-4 weeks into the future. If the reporter responds and begins providing needed information, than the CLOSEME tag is removed.
  2. If no response comes from the reporter within the time specified, then I revisit my query of bugs ready for closure. I will post a comment stating that because there has been no reply, the bug will be closed as INCOMPLETE. I also try to make clear the fact that if the reporter continues to the see the issue in the latest version of Firefox and a fresh profile, they should comment so, and the bug can be reopened.

Hello World

Well, I guess it’s about time I got a blog and joined the ranks of the cool people. So, in traditional style, here is a “Hello World” post!