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Gearing Up for Summit

With only 3 more weeks until Mozilla Summit 2010, things are getting busy. I received my tickets the other day, and it looks like I’m going to be riding a CRJ to Vancouver,  and an A320 back. As my last ride in a CRJ was very smooth, but rather uncomfortable seating, let’s see how it goes this time 🙂 It also looks like I have to wake up dark and early to leave, but my flight back will be later in the day, which is always nice.

For my time at summit, it has been kinda tough to schedule, seeing st the schedule is not released yet. However, there looks like there will be some breakout sessions on triage which I plan to attend, and some other interesting topics to be discussed. The face-to-face will be great as well. I will be posting pics and updates daily at least (as I am able to) from this blog, so stay tuned.

As for my little status update, until I get back from Summit I will be quite busy. With my day job, volunteering at the County stampede, plus prepping for the trip, not many bugs will be getting squashed. I hope to come after them with a vengeance!


New Name for Blog

On an unrelated topic, how about a new name for this blog? Something a bit more interesting and, shall I say, witty ;).

Ideas are welcome! 😀

Auto Filling the Version Field

Right now, in the Firefox product, there are over 7300 bugs that have the version set to “Unspecified”. This makes it difficult to accurately track which bugs are filed against each version of the product, as you have to go in, read the build identifier (which is a comment), and manually change the version field. We automatically UA sniff and fill in the platform and OS fields, could we not automatically fill in the product version field for the Firefox product? This would not work for most products (eg. Thunderbird), but for bugs filed in the Seamonkey, Camino and Firefox products is it possible to auto fill this field in, then ask the user to confirm that it is correct, as we already do with the platform and OS? And if the user is using another browser (eg, using IE to file a bug against Firefox, or using Firefox to file a bug against Seamonkey), just detect that the UA is not for the product it is being filed against, and set to Unspecified? This would not help those bugs already on Bugzilla, but would make triaging these bugs in the future easier.

However, knowing little about BMO development and maintenance, I’m not sure how feasible or practical this would be 🙂